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Guitar, Brass & Woodwind

At Sandbach Music we aim to offer a complete one stop music destination for everyone.

We have therefore partnered with a variety of music repair specialists in the local area to offer you a complete service.

Below are some example prices, for a bespoke quote please contact us with your requirements.  The prices below are for guitars but we can also offer repairs to other instruments on request.

Setups & Playability:

Basic Guitar & Bass Setups from £30 + strings (Floyd Rose / floating bridges +£5)

Setup plus Fret Dress from £50 + strings

Restring Guitar or Bass £15 + Strings

Replacing the Nut for both Guitar & Bass from £25


Electronics & Hardware:

Pickup replacements from £35 plus parts

Pot replacement/repair from £30

Output jack replacement from £10 plus parts (barrel jacks from £20 plus parts)

Switch replacement from £20 plus parts

Machine heads (Tuner) replacement £20 plus parts

Bridge replacement £15 plus parts

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