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Octopus OC-440 clip on tuner with LCD screen

  • Compact clip-on tuner with large back-lit LCD display
  • Display changes colour to show correct tuning
  • Rotating screen can be angled as necessary
  • Supplied with lithium battery
  • Tuning modes: Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Violin and Chromatic
  • Tuning range A0 - C20

Clip on Tuner

  • The Octopus clip-on chromatic tuner is designed to provide accurate tuning for a wide range of instruments. 

    It features specific modes for tuning a ukulele, guitar, bass and violin, although the 'chromatic mode' will enable you to tune almost any instrument - so long as there's a place to clip it on! 

    The mode can be changed by pressing and releasing the power button (to the right of the screen). 

    The LCD screen is backlit and by default is coloured orange, but it will turn green when the correct pitch has been reached. The screen is rotatable by 360 degrees so that it can easily be viewed whilst playing, no matter where it is clipped on to your instrument. 

    The tuner is set to standard pitch (A4 = 440Hz) with a tolerance of approximately 1 cent. It is powered by a single CR2032 3v battery and it will automatically switch to a 'power saving' mode when not in use. This normally takes effect after a couple of minutes.

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