Saturday Opening

Saturday Opening
March 19, 2016 Comments Off on Saturday Opening Uncategorized Daniel Keen

We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening on Saturdays from 9th April, teaching a range of lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele and vocals Please read on for more details.

The following classes will be available to book:

10.00 Beginner Guitar class (age 7+), Mini Piano class (age 5), Singing class (age 7+), Mini Maestros (age 4-6)

10.30 Ukelele group (7+), Mini Piano group (age 6), Singing group (adults)

11.00 Mini Ukelele (age 5&6), Piano group (age 7+), Singing group (age 12+)

11.30 Guitar group (adults), Piano group (age 12+), Mini Vocals (age 4-6)

12.00 Guitar group (age 12+), Piano group (adults), Singing (individual lesson)

12.30 Guitar (individual lesson), Piano (individual lesson), Singing (individual lesson)


All groups are priced at £8 each, classes at £6 each and individual lessons at £17 each.

Please email or call 07470 356105 to enquire or book.