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  • 3 piece instrument
  • 4 colours available
  • Descant / soprano recorder ideal for the beginner
  • Key of C
  • Supplied with a clear plastic bag with popper fastening


  • Recorders have traditionally been most childrens' introduction to learning an instrument. Learning the recorder not only teaches the basics of note production and fingering, but also breath control, rhythm and reading music. The recorder is a fantastic gateway instrument, allowing children to progress to more advanced instruments. With this in mind Nuvo have created a new take on the traditional descant recorder.

    Nuvo descant recorders have an innovative stylish design, and are available in black with grey trim, and white with blue, green or pink trim - a choice for everyone! The recorders are made from high-graded plastic, meaning that this instrument is incredibly durable, and free from risk of bumps or cracks.

    Like other Nuvo instruments, this descant recorder is completely waterproof. Simply wash with soap and warm water when required, and drip dry before returning to its case.

    A unique and useful feature is the addition of rubber O rings, built in to the bell of the recorder. These can act as a simple decorative feature, but can also be removed and added as a reward system for children as they reach learning milestones.

    The instrument is supplied with care instructions for taking your first steps, and a fingering chart for playing your first melodies on the recorder. A clear plastic case with popper is also provided to protect your new instrument from dust and dirt.

    Overall - it is simply another quality instrument from the award winning Nuvo brand. 

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