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Instrument Soak

Finishing Polish

Brush and Cloth Kit


For use on all brass instruments.

B# Brass Cleaning Kit

  • Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit

    Instrument Soak

    • Dose: 50ml/100ml depending on instrument
    • pH neutral – safe on Lacquer & Plated Instruments
    • Breaks down Biofilm
    • De-greases valves & slides
    • Anti-Static agent for water repellence

    Finishing Polish

    • pH neutral
    • Built in anti-static agent to aid dust and water repellence
    • Designed with new vertical cling technology for ease of use

    Brush and Cloth kit

    • Unique dual headed snake brush
    • Valve casing brush
    • Mouthpiece brush
    • High Quality Selvyt polishing cloth
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