New Theory Class – Summer Term 2017

New Theory Class – Summer Term 2017
April 5, 2017 Comments Off on New Theory Class – Summer Term 2017 Uncategorized Kerry Baldwin

We are pleased to announce that a second theory class will be starting in April on Thursdays at 5.30. Please contact us to book

Why is music theory important?

It is considered a vital part of learning an instrument to also study the theory of music. This is because a basic foundation of music needs to be understood in order to thoroughly understand exactly what you are doing! Also to be able to correctly interpret the intentions of the composer and perhaps you would like to be able to write your own pieces or songs?


For children music theory is also vital to the academic side of music that they will be learning in school, at secondary school it is very difficult for a child to take a GCSE in music without having reached around the standard of grade 5. Especially as the GCSE includes requirements such as composition and musicology.


Adults are very welcome to our classes! We have had a good mixture of adults and children in our theory classes and the adults have all commented that they have found their theory classes to be incredibly helpful to overall learning.


A Grade 5 in music theory is the equivalent standard of a GCSE and it is typically accepted as an alternative to GCSE in most establishments. It is also useful to know that grades 6-8 in music theory hold UCAS points which can be included in university entry!


Many performance exam boards such as the ABRSM insist on a learner having passed a grade 5 in music theory before allowing them to progress any further than a grade 5 in performance. If the theory side is learned alongside the practical lessons then this is much less of a big deal than if you take a grade 5 performance then have 5 grades of theory to learn before moving on!


The cost of theory classes is £6.30 (£22 per month). If you are already taking an instrumental lesson in addition then you would qualify for our multi-lesson discount of 10% off the OVERALL BILL.