Music Theory Course May 2015

Music Theory Course May 2015
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Half-Term Intensive Theory Course

May 2015


Sandbach Music is delighted to present a two day intensive theory course leading to an ABRSM grade 5 theory exam.

The ABRSM require a grade 5 theory qualification for all candidates wishing to take a practical exam at grades 6+. This can be a lengthy process so if you are keen to achieve this quickly and progress onto your higher grades then this is the course for you!

In order to take this course you should first be around ABRSM Grade 3 standard. This means you should already have an understanding of the following:

Notation in the treble and bass clefs                                                                      


Compound and simple time signatures                                                                 

Formation of major and minor scales

The circle of fifths or basic knowledge of major and minor keys                 

Tonic triads


If this is not the case then you may wish to take our one day theory basics course first which will be held on Tuesday 26rd May in order to gain this understanding before the start of the Grade 5 theory course.

The Grade 5 course covers content from both grades 4 & 5 and will be delivered over two consecutive days: Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th May 2015 at Sandbach Music, 10A (first floor) Congleton Road, Sandbach CW11 1HJ. The sessions will take place from 9.30am – 5.00pm and will be delivered by Kerry Baldwin, the Director of Sandbach Music. There will also be the option of taking a mock exam on Saturday 13th June and the actual exam on Saturday 20th June, both of which will also be taking place at Sandbach Music.

For guaranteed ABRSM Grade 5 exam entry this term your application and payment must be received on or before Friday 8th May, after this time we may still be able to enter you for the exam but acceptance of the application is at the discretion of the ABRSM.

For an application form please email

Course content:

Wednesday 27th May Thursday 28th May
Alto & Tenor ClefTime Signatures & Irregular Time SignaturesIrregular Time DivisionsDouble Sharps & Double Flats

Key signatures with 5 or 6 sharps or flats

The Chromatic Scale

Voices in Score


Instruments and Voices


IntervalsTranspositionTriads & Chords I, IV & VNaming Chords

Chords at Cadential Points

Four Bar Rhythms

Composing a Melody



Theory Basics Course – Tuesday 26th MayABRSM Grade 5 Course Wednesday 27th May ONLY

ABRSM Grade 5 Course Thursday 28th May ONLY


ABRSM Grade 5 Course – both days (Wednesday and Thursday)


ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Examination – Saturday 20th June (other theory grades also available, please enquire for details/quote)


ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Mock Exam – Saturday 13th June (includes theory paper and marking)


ABRSM Grade 5 Theory discounted workbook package (includes grades 4 & 5 books, practice exam papers and required stationery)


ABRSM Basics Theory discounted workbook package (includes grades 1-3 books, practice exam papers and required stationery)



DISCOUNTED PACKAGE: Two day Grade 5 theory course, ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam, ABRSM Grade 5 theory mock exam, ABRSM Grade 5 theory workbook package


£65 per person£65 per person

£65 per person


£120 per person


£32.50 per person



£15 per person