Fees and Conditions

The fees for our courses are outlined below. All fees are per person and for a thirty minute session, unless stated otherwise.

Course Equivalent Fee/Week (£) Payable by Monthly Direct Debits of (£)
Instrumental lessons (group) 8.57 30
Instrumental lessons (pair)  12.85
Instrumental lessons (individual)  17.14  60 
 Theory sessions (all levels) 6.00 21 
 “Mini Maestros” sessions
6.00 21 
 Lesson & Theory Packages
 Instrument (group) & theory 14.60  46 (10% discount)
 Instrument (pair) & theory 17.14 60 (10% discount)
Instrument (individual) & theory 23.15 73(10% discount)


Please note that monthly fees are calculated on a 42 week teaching year. Sessions do not run during the half term holidays, Christmas holidays and the Easter holidays. There will be a 3 week break in the middle of the summer holidays. Click here for our current schedule of teaching weeks.

We ask all pupils to sign up and create an account with us on or before their first lesson. The first four lessons are on a trial basis, so you can try it out for up to four weeks without obligation. If you decide within this period that it’s not for you, then you can let us know and we will cancel your agreement and account with no further fees payable. After the end of the four week trial, you can cancel your agreement at any time by giving us 1 calendar months notice.

You can find more information on this subject by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions.

All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.